Sunday Dinner | Slow Cooked Lamb

Slow cook Sunday dinners are my favourite as they offer comforting, delicious meals with time to do things in between (just worth keeping an eye out on the food). My slow cooked Lamb (also my first time cooking with lamb shanks) is incredibly easy to make. The secret is  all down to prepping the ingredients […]

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Beef Dishes | Dinner | Soups/Stews

Seafood Okra | Autumn comforts

Okra soup is something that’s grown on me tremendously over the years, as a child I used to protest against it and opt for something else. Now I find it intensely satisfying, providing comfort when I‘m in need. My latest version of Okra soup may be displeasing to some as it shares a different take […]

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48 Hours In Paris

Paris you really do hold my heart, I remember the first time I set foot in this magical city 12 years ago and although, quite shamefully, it’s been over a decade since I revisited I am thrilled to be back. Paris is truly a captivating city, perhaps it’s the size, the busy streets, cobbled stone […]

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