Healthy Lunch: Grilled beef served with Brown rice

I love rice and If I can incorporate it into my diet at any chance I get I will. I’m all about eating whatever I like but I do try and eat healthy time to time. There are so many healthy delicious recipes to encourage fun healthy eating. So today for late lunch/Dinner I made Grilled beef with asparagus, Green beans, tomatoes and brown Rice. I even made a tomato sauce to add to the rice. I hope you like this recipe its very simple and delicious enjoy!

– Beef
– Brown Rice
– Asparagus
– Green Beans
– Tomatoes
– Salt/Pepper
– Lime
– Mixed Herbs
– Maggie Cube (Optional)
– In a bowl add your beef, (Washed) sprinkle salt, pepper and mixed herbs. mix together and set aside for 30 mins or overnight for better flavouring.
– Wash the rice and boil for 10-15 minutes.
– In a griddle pan add your beef ( you can steam/boil your beef lightly beforehand to cook the inside. Add your beef and fry for a few minutes sprinkle a bit of lime then remove and set aside.
– Once thats done grab a hand full of asparagus and green beans and grill lightly for a few minutes sprinkle some salt and pepper for extra flavouring.
– Add your beef slice your tomatoes on top and cook for extra 5 minutes. Once its done add with your cooked rice into a bowl and servee!!
*Tomatoe sauce: Blend 3 fresh tomatoes, Onion Red and Green bell peppers,Garlic & scotch bonnet for spice . Add to a heated pan followed by teaspoon of tomatoe puree,some salt, black pepper or some (Maggie cube or all purpose seasoning) and cook for 10-15 minutes.  Once its done serve with rice!

Enjoy!! Xx

9 thoughts on “Healthy Lunch: Grilled beef served with Brown rice

  1. Afternoon to you all the way from SA. Visit sometime and see if you’d enjoy my recipes under the tucking in section. So pleased to have you on my reading list. Your meals are great and affordable. I made the chicken one yesterday for the fam and it was such a win. I’m glad you blog now, and it seems like you do it religiously too. That’s great stuff. I see you’re studying media. I did too. (Twins), okay maybe not, but I wanted to know what else were you doing before blogging, and or other than studying what do you get up too? I love it when bloggers tell us a bit about how they go about their days, what their homes look like and their habits. So that’s why I’m asking 🙂

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