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Yay Lunch! Healthy Brown Pasta salad with Tomato & Balsamic Dressing

March 16, 2014
 If you’re looking for a quick, healthy packed lunch then look no further with this simple recipe. I came about this after buying several versions of this at my local super market. Tired of spending money and not satisfied (portion wise) I decided to give it a go by making my own. It came out better than expected anyway I hope you like this recipe X
– Brown Pasta
– Lettuce
– Cherry Tomatoes
– Rocket leaves
– Carrots
– Sweetcorn
– Red onion
-ProsciuttoTomato & Balsamic Vinegar Dressing:
– Tomato Paste
– Basil/Oregano  (Mixed herbs)
– Balsamic Vinegar
– Black Pepper
*You want to prepare your salad/pasta beforehand, maybe the night before. Wash & slice the lettuce & rocket leaves, grate carrots, drain the sweetcorn and canned tuna and dice the red onions.
*if you don’t have time you can easily buy a fresh pack of ready made salad with all the ingredients.
-Boil the pasta for 10-15 mins (Once its done run it under cold water to bring to room temperature), drain and set aside. Add your salad, pasta, tuna & prosciutto into a large mixing bowl, pour some herb & garlic dressing & mix well together.
– Add 2 Teaspoons of oil, in a heated pan & 2/3 teaspoons of tomato paste. 
-Leave to simmer over medium/low heat and add 1 tablespoon of Balsamic vinegar. 
-Sprinkle basil, oregano or mixed herbs and mix well together and leave to cook for 10-15 mins. 
– Set aside to cool in room temperature for half an hour.
Once the sauce has cooled down, grab your salad and sauce and leave to cool in the fridge over night or for a few hours for lunch the next day.


How cute is my lunch box? I got this from Urban Outfitters not too long ago and it’s been my lunch bud ever since! but there you have it a packed healthy delicious lunch! Enjoy X


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