Breakfast Smoothie: Rasberry, Blueberry, Bananas, Kiwi, Lime

A few days ago I posted this photo of my breakfast smoothie on Instagram. It’s one of many I’ve been having lately, because I have become addicted lol. This delicious recipe is like your usual blend of fruits, but with a special ingredient, chia seeds.
Chia seeds (my new best friend) have a lot of health benefits, not only are they high in fibre, they contain Omega 3 (which has vital fats that protect against arthritis and heart disease). Most of all, It makes you feel fuller and reduces food cravings. A perfect ingriedient for your breakfast smoothie (or any smoothie for that matter).
Ingredients includes:
-Palm sized amoung of frozen Blueberries & raspberries
– Banana x 1 1/2
– Kiwi (sliced) x 1
– Lime (Freshly Squeezed) x 1
– Chia Seeds 1 Tsp
– Orange Juice 100ml
– Ice
Blend together in your blender / smoothie maker and then serve 🙂
Let me know what you think
Enjoy X
  • Hi Kezia! Since I started reading your blog I’ve really ben smoothie and now I’m addicted as well.. My favourite combo so far is strawberry, kiwi a little bit of orange juice and a lil bit of milk.


  • OMG! I had no idea you are a foodie. I guess I have one more foodsipration blog. Nice

  • Vivian Wacuka

    favorite smoothie is pineapple,mango, banana n greek yogurt!

  • MarthaG

    Favourite smoothie is banana,mangoe,kiwi and some good ‘ol spinach…i love it because its healthy and has helped me slowly gain healthy weight. Improving my lean mass