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Brunch: Grilled sausages with wholemeal flatbread and salad

June 2, 2014
Breakfast/Brunch anyone?
I’ve decided to spice up todays brunch with grilled frankfurters and salad filling wrapped up in whole meal (gluten free) flatbread. I’ve also added some sour cream and spicy ketchup (Basically ketchup mixed with Tabasco habanero sauce) to make it extra tasty (I like a lot of sauce, but you can use one of the two).
This recipe has the same flavour as a hot dog and a sausage sarnie, just a healthier version. Firstly, the bread has been replaced with gluten free wholemeal flat bread. The sausages have been grilled not fried to get rid of any extra fat, and most importantly the wrap contains salad filling with lots of nutritional greens and proteins like avocado, spinach, rocket lettuce, red onions and all the other goodies. For the full salad filling check out here.The thing I love about this recipe is that it’s quick, filling, and packed with flavour, from the crunchiness of the salad, to the Smokey flavor of the grilled frankfurters combined with the sweet/spicy ketchup sauce and Sour cream. Who says you’ve got to compromise taste for a healthy breakfast/lunch?
It’s quick, easy and simple. All you need is: Appetite 😉 haha below are the ingredients:
For a serving of 3:
o   6 Frankfurters
o  3 Whole meal flatbread (This ones gluten free, Tad bit more expensive, alternative is wholemeal flat bread)
o   Iceberg Lettuce, sliced
o   1 Tomato/Avacado, sliced (for the full salad filling check out here)
o   1 Tsp of Tabasco
o   1 Tsp of Sour Cream
o   1sp of Ketchup ( I usually mix Tabasco and ketchup for spicy ketchup lol) ( this is optional)
In a griddle pan or under an oven grill place your sausages on medium heat and leave to cook on each side for 2 minutes.  Lightly Slice the center of the sausage to cook the inside properly. 
Once the sausages are cooked, with your choice of bread, place each slice on a griddle pan for 1 minute on each side, once its nice and crispy take a teaspoon of sour cream and smother it onto the bread as the base.

Take a hand full of salad filling and place lightly onto the bread. Add your cooked sausages followed by a drizzle of  spicy ketchup sauce, wrap the bread, slice in two from the center then serve.

Pretty simple isn’t it?
Hope you like it Enjoy


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