Peppered Steak and Homemade Wedges

Theres nothing I love more than a juicy peppered steak smothered in garlic butter and served with leafy greens and crispy seasoned wedges. For a fuss free healthy alternative to dinner/lunch this recipe hits the spot. Now I’m not going to ramble on so below are the list of ingredients and step-by-step guide to goodness! Enjoy X
The wedges

Start off by washing your potatos in salt water then rinsing with cold water. This is a good way of getting any grit or dirt off the potato skin as its going to be consumed. In order to get the ‘wedge’ shape which took me a while to grasp (I’d shamingly admit). You’ll need to slice your potatoes in half, then half again to create your wedge shape.  Sounds pretty easy huh?! Don’t be fooled! 😛 Now onto the seasoning..

The wedges Seasoning you’ll need:

Garlic powder x 1 Tsp
Salt 1 x Tsp
Black Pepper 1 x Tsp
Paprika 1 x Tsp
Olive Oil x 1

Once the potatoes have been sliced add them to boiling salt water and leave to par boil 10 minutes. Once thats done drain them and leave to stand for 2 minutes to cool down. 


Once the potatoes have cooled down sprinkle olive oil, (or butter for better flavouring) oregano, parsley and paprika. Don’t forget your salt  then mix well together then pop into the oven for 25 to 30 minutes to crisp up.

Finish off by sprinkling black pepper onto your crispy wedges, once thats done it’s ready to be served.

The steak
– Sirloin or Frying steak
– Garlic powder x 1 Tsp
– Salt 1 x Tsp
– Black Pepper 1 x Tsp
– Olive Oil 1 x Tsp
– Oregano/Parsley
Sprinkle salt, paprika, ground coriander, olive oil and garlic powder onto your steak and rub gently (Leave to marinate for 10mins). In a heated griddle or frying pan place your steak and fry on each side for a minute each total cooking 5 minutes.
Once the steak has been fried place it in an heated oven for 10minutes to cook the inside this is also a good way of softening the meat (This one was a little tough).
Once the steak and wedges are cooked grab your leafy greens place them onto a plate and there you have it your platter of happiness: steak, wedges, leafy greens and ketchup! Yumm!
Enjoy Xx

8 thoughts on “Peppered Steak and Homemade Wedges

  1. Thanks! The presentation is to die for! I love the trick of putting the steaks in the oven to cook the inside because I don’t like meat that looks kinda raw!

    Greetings from

  2. I guess the steak was a little bit tough because of the salt…salt drains out all the water from tge meat making it dry and tough. So for a completely juicy and soft steak its always a good idea to add salt once its ready to serve. Great post :-).

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