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Shopping List: My Food essentials

June 6, 2014
I’ve been asked what sort of things to buy when food shopping, like the most essential things needed in your cupboards/pantries. Whilst this might seem like the most obvious question it can be a little tricky at times as you find yourself confused not knowing exactly what to buy.  
Despite making a food list, which I hardly used to read until recently ( I know naughty me).  I would usually head down the aisles of my favourite foods and leave behind other essentials. So when it comes to shopping as shocking as it may seem, we do need a reminder from time to time of the sort of things needed to save us time and money.
So I put together a few of my cupboard essentials and things I buy on a weekly/monthly basis just to give you guys an idea.  Just a reminder,  this is what I usually buy not what is specifically required of you as I’m aware we all have different tastes and preferences however, I hope you find this helpful.
So this is a list of my food essentials:

1. Fruits, I can’t live without my fresh fruits they’re great for snacking, juicing and making smoothies. Most of all they are great for the body as you’ve probably heard this a gazillion times lol. They are great to have as part of a maintaing a healthy balanced diet. Packed with nutrients for vitamin boosting anti-oxidants to optimise the body’s health level these foods should never be avoided 😉

2. Vegetables, I do love my veg especially leafy greens spinach and broccoli, tomatoes are my most essential of the bunch as they are used as the base of most of my sauces. (can be replaces with tin tomatoes) for pasta, stews etc. Vegetables like my fruits are great, as they are packed with nutrients, vitamins and anti-oxidants which are great for weight loss as well as optimising immune/health levels.
3. Cereals, we all love our cereals even  I eat mine at anytime of the day especially when I’m too tired to cook. My favourites are special K, Coco Pops (not included in the photo) and Oats, good old oats..
Whole Bread: High in Fibre great for digestion in comparison to white bread.
Tea: Tetley, Green tea (Can’t live without my tea) for a cuppa every now and then.
4. Spreads: Peanut Butter, Nutella, Flora (Margarine) 🙂 Great on Toast/Bread, or simply spoonfuls for when your craving something sweet (Not the margarine though).
5. Sweeteners: are great for adding sweetness in your life! a bit corny i know lol but sugar and honey  are great for tea, baking or cereal.
6. Rice/Pasta: I’m a rice fiend, so I do have every kind of rice in my cupboard, I can’t go a week without it. From basmati to thai, jasmine and easy cook rice, it is an essential part of my cooking.
7. Pasta: Fusilli, Spaghetti for those Tuna pasta days, the thing I love about pasta is that its very versatile and you can make as many sauces and dishes with it. Great essential to have,
My other food essentials:
– Milk (Soy Milk)
– Meat/Poultry
– Water
– Salt
– Fruit Juice
– Biscuits/Chocolates.
and there you have it! What are your food essentials?

* I’ll be doing weekly updates of essentials do let me know your thoughtss

Kezia Xx
  1. It would be really good if you could do some easy student meals, or student essentials. Especially from a Nigerian/west African point of view!! love your blog and channel xxx

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