Cooking with Mama: Turkey Yam Porridge

Cooking with mum is one of the most therapeutic things, I often stand back observing her as she glides fluidly through the kitchen washing, chopping, frying. Earlier on today she wanted to prepare something quick and fuss free, so I joined in to help whilst taking the opportunity to shed light on this amazing simple recipe.  […]

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Coconut Rice with Sweet Chilli Ribs

It’s been a while since I’ve made this recipe, It’s definitely a favourite of mine, my mum usually makes the traditional nigerian version of this (which i so love) with mixed prawns, stock fish and veg served with fried or grilled chicken. I decided to put a simple spin on this to make it easier without […]

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Homemade Sangria

When I want a cocktail that is refreshing and fuss free, sangria springs to mind. The thing I love most about this recipe is that it’s simple and full of flavour only requiring a few minutes to make, with a few simple ingredients. From the spanish provenance, traditional sangria is a combination of red wine, brandy, […]

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