Cooking with Mama: Turkey Yam Porridge

Cooking with mum is one of the most therapeutic things, I often stand back observing her as she glides fluidly through the kitchen washing, chopping, frying. Earlier on today she wanted to prepare something quick and fuss free, so I joined in to help whilst taking the opportunity to shed light on this amazing simple recipe. 

Incase you’re wondering what yam ‘porridge’ or ‘pottage’ is

it’s a recipe of yam, vegetables, meat and fish stock cooked in palm oil soup.This version has a twist as smoked turkey has been used in replacement of beef; It has a perfect blend of natural ingredients from the dried stock and cray fish with the smoked turkey to give it a real authentic & unique taste. 

It is also suitable for vegetarians (minus the meat of course 🙂 so it can be enjoyed by almost everyone. 

*The Turkey, shrimps and stock fish used in this recipe were all pre-cooked and purchased from a local supermarket (Saves a whole lot of time). I hope you like this recipe and let me know your thoughts below are the ingredients and methods for this recipe so let’s get started…
Onions and Peppers (Scotch Bonnet)
Fried/dried stock fish.
Fried/dried shrimps
Diced Onions
Chopped peppers (Scotch Bonnet)
Fish seasoning x1 Tbsp of each.
 Palm oil You’ll need 4 tbsp for the base.
Smoked Turkey legs.
Time to get cooking!  
Over medium add 4 tbsp of palm oil, followed by a hand full of 1 diced onion. Leave it to sweat for a 2-3 minutes.
Once that’s done add the chopped smoked turkey to the onions and palm oil mix.
Sprinkle a pinch of sea salt, half a cup of water stir and leave to cook for 15 minutes. Once it has soaked up the water set it aside and start with the yam.
For The Yam..

In a heated pan add the chopped onions, pepper, dried shrimp and 1 tbsp of fish seasoning.
Add half a litre or half a kettle of boiling water leave to cook for 25 minutes.
Whilst the yam is cooking grab wash and drain 2 hand fulls of spinach leaves.
Once the 20 minutes is up add the turkey to the yam mix leave to cook for another 10 minutes.
Add your spinach leaves right at the end mix lightly, cover and leave for 2 minutes until it’s done.
There you have it 🙂 ready to be served Xx

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