Something for brunch.. Piz-omelette!

The great thing about omelettes is that it can be as fun and creative as you want, eliminating boring and standard breakfast expectations. I decided to have fun and create a protein packed brunch with eggs mackerel fillets (can be replaced with mushrooms) tomato and fresh basil leaves.
Initially I was to use spinach leaves instead of the basil leaves and the mushrooms rather than the mackerel fillets but I just had to make do with what I had in the fridge and it came out pretty good! So I call it ‘Piz-omelette’ because of the tomatoes and basil mixture which gives it a very interesting twist and more interestingly It kind of looks like a Pizza. The only thing missing though is the cheese, but perhaps next time…
Time: 15mins / Prep Time: 8-10 mins (depending on how slow.. I was lol)
What you’ll need:
Eggs x 3
Salt x 1teaspoon
mackerel fillets x1
black pepper
onions x1
Large Tomato x1
Handful basil leaves
All purpose seasoning (optional)
Olive oil
-Slice onions, Tomatos and basil leaves
– Beat eggs in a large bowl
– sprinkle salt and pepper
– Rinse mackerel in colander (to remove oil) and add to egg mixture
– Mix all the ingredients together in the large bowl
– In a heated pan (over medium heat) add about a tablespoon of olive oil or knob of butter.
– Sprinkle the onions and add a tsp of all purpose seasoning
  leave to sweat for a minute, then pour the egg entire mixture in the pan.
– Move it about lightly until mixture has spread evenly across the pan, cook on one side for a minute or   2 make sure the fire is on medium to low heat so it doesn’t burn once the time is up turn egg over.
 Alternatively you can pop the pan under the grill (like I did)  to cook the top for a few minutes. This is a good way of stopping the omelette from falling apart as they can sometimes get a little stubborn.. make sure not to over cook it in the grill as it can get a little dry and there you have it!
Anyway once the time is up place your piz-omelette on a plate and serve!! Mine was served with a cold glass of fresh orange juice! #perfectbrunch


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