My go to Chicken Soup

The best soup for day’s when your feeling a little unwell….


Been feeling a little under the weather lately, so to make things a little better I made my go to chicken soup for an instant pick me up. It is one of my favourite recipes and its great for days when I’m feeling a little blue. I call it ‘soup for the soul‘ because of it’s warm soothing effect and it’s beautiful blend of spices and fresh herbs.

Soups can really help with colds, flus and even hangover and for me this soup is great for either, I do however, like mine with a little hint of spice! (be careful with the spice if you have a sore throat, replace it with ginger as it’s anti-flammatory and great for sore throats) details below! Otherwise the spice works well for me, especially when I’m suffering from a blocked sinuses or loss of  appetite. So when next you’re feeling under the weather give this recipe a try 🙂

Cooking time 30-35 minutes


For this recipe you’ll need chicken, (if you’re using chicken breasts fillets it should be cut into smaller pieces). Either that or use left over chicken, which should be shredded for the soup.

I’m using what is known as boiler chicken and one that I purchased from my local butchers. It’s slightly tougher than normal supermarket chicken and should be cooked in a small amount of water for 30 to 45 mins, this is great for soups as it adds a very nice flavour.

Other ingredients for the soup are: 

Fresh herbs: Coriander handful and chopped, Thyme 1 sprig, Rosemary 1 sprig (Teaspoon)

Spices: Scotch Bonnet x 1, Cayenne Pepper x 1 Teaspoon (optional), Curry Powder 1/2 (Teaspoon)

Seasoning: Fresh Garlic and Ginger. (1 teaspoon each), maggie cubes x 2 (or  1 Teaspoon Salt)

All purpose seasoning teaspoon x 1


Wash the chicken pieces in lemon water (or salt) then rinse with Luke warm water.

Add all the ingredients, the seasoning and all in a pot with your chicken and mix well, you could add some chopped veg at this point. In regards to spice like I mentioned earlier in the post, add 1 whole scotch bonnet not chopped! to the pan with all the ingredients. After 15 minutes or once it’s soft remove the scotch bonnet, this add a very nice flavour to the soup without making it overly spicy.Pour about 250-300 ml of water (1 1/2 to 2 cups of water) cover and leave to cook for 30-35 minutes stirring occasionally. Once the time is up it’s ready to be served and that’s it easy peasey and no time spent to cook! Hope you like this recipe and tell me what you think!


Kezia Xx

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  1. Made this and wrote down in my cookbook right away. It’s perfect as a drink with cheesy toasts ^_^ So warm and wintery.

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