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Dining out at Lobsters & Burgers

November 4, 2014


This weekend I attended a friends birthday dinner at the Lobster and Burger in soho, just off oxford street. Despite waiting 40 minutes to be seated (as it get’s very busy), the service was good, food was prompt and the atmosphere was very lively.

We all know lobsters aren’t the most price friendly things on the menu so to have it served with fries, not to mention a delicious parmesan & green leaf salad and Butter/Garlic dressing for just £20 is pretty good!

The restaurant has a set menu of burgers, lobster roll basically lobster without the shells, and of course lobster which can be steamed or grilled (I prefer grilled as it adds a nice smokey flavour) served with Garlic and butter sauce.. Yum!



The only thing about the menu is that it doesn’t offer much vegan alternatives as most items have meat/fish, but do enquire however.  Overall I would say it’s a great place to hangout as it’s trendy fun and simple (menu wise) with a set menu and an array of drinks to compliment the food such as cocktails, wines, juices etc.. which I thought was rather cute.  You could even sneak in an extra £3/4 for dessert.

So if you want a day or evening for dinner with friends, family or even a date 😉 (Maybe not so much a date haha) but you know it’s deffo worth a try. 🙂 & if it’s your first time trying lobster then it’s definitely a good place to start.

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