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Healthy Brunch | Mackerel Spinach & Sweet Potato Omelette

January 18, 2015


As one of the most requested recipes to date (aside from my jollof rice recipe) this recipe has a great combination of protein, carbs & healthy fats. (So far a lot of you have tried it and agreed on the taste too) Happy days!! I love having it for breakfast or for a late brunch as it’s so delicious &  filling, so don’t be deceived by the size!  So if you’re looking for something healthy, tasty & filling this recipe is  worth giving a try!

Ingredients: To serve 4

– 4 Eggs (1 Egg White)

– Almond milk (optional)

– 1 Onion

– 1 can of Mackerel Fillet

– Sweet Potato

– Tsp of Chilli or cayenne pepper

– Spinach (handful)

– 4 x Mushrooms

– 2 carrots

– Tsp of Salt & Pepper

– Tsp All purpose Season

–  1 Avocado

– 2 x Gluten free Rye bread

– Chia Seeds

Click this link to watch how to make this amazing recipe! 🙂

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