6 Best Things To Do With Lemon


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When it get’s to lemon I use it for almost everything! Although it missed a feature in one of my recent videos (Here https://youtu.be/sSm8M8Y57d8  ). Which i’ve recently restocked on, I’ve always made sure to have it on hand. Whether it’s to enhance the flavour of a particular dish or use as a detoxifying agent lemons are really an all rounder. So, I’ve put together a list of things to do with lemons inside and outside the kitchen.

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1. Use it to remove Fat off chicken! Aside from enhancing the flavour of chicken, lemon is a great way to remove fat. So squeeze some lemon over chicken when you’re cleaning it and watch how easily the fat peels off!

2. Odour suppressant, don’t be too hasty to get rid of any used lemon. Just place it in the kitchen sink (an empty sink of course) and it will help eliminate any odours in the kitchen. (You can do the same around the house with used & fresh lemons, just  place it in a lovely display bowl).

3. It is also great for getting rid of the strong unpleasant ‘fish’ scent in fish. So sprinkle some over for flavour and to eliminate that strong scent.

4. Use it to preserve your salad. Sprinkle some lemon over your salad to prevent it from going off. I like to sprinkle some over fresh salad to preserve it for up to a week.

5. Use it as an anticeptic to clean surface areas including the fridge, yes! Clean cloth, very warm water and a glass of warm freshly squeezed lemon.

6.(Outside the kitchen) lemon can be used as a toner to brighten tired and dull skin mix it with honey for a soothing face cleanser and a morning pick me up.

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