BreakFast At CôTe


I Love mornings like this, good food, friends & laughter. I was scrolling through my phone and came across this photo, It was breakfast at Côte just off oxford street. The weather was nice as the sun was out, it was however, a little chilly but we couldn’t resist sitting outside to take in the little sun and scenery. I ordered the classic english breakfast with sausage, egg, bacon, mushrooms cover in a delicious butter sauce, served with freshly squeezed orange juice and Verveine herbal Tea (A Must Try).

Chatting til the late afternoon, we ended up ordering again from their lunch menu,(guess we got a little carried away! lol) I ordered the steak frites as main & for dessert dark chocolate with creme fraîche. At this point I couldn’t take any more photos as my phone did what it did best… died. (Apple phones for you! but that’s a whole other story). Nevertheless, If you’re looking for good food at a decent price like a nice light lunch with good set menu or a great breakfast for under £10 then it’s worth a try 🙂

Anyway loves this is all I have to share from this memorable day. I think i’ll do a little more of these every now and again (just need to ensure my phone is charged).



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