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Caribbean Delight | Curry Goat With Rice & Peas

April 6, 2015


This was one of the very first Caribbean dishes I tried, delicious Jamaican curry goat served with rice & peas. I was craving this the other day & decided to go ahead and make it, I fully enjoyed making this playing around with the delicious flavours the island has to offer. I used a mixture of fresh and dried herbs to make this dish. So here is the list of what I used for this recipe:

1 lb of Goat or Mutton  (Which you can get from your local butchers or halal Meat Shop)

1 Medium Onion Chopped

2 Scallions Diced

2 Green & Yellow Bell Peppers Cubed (Use Half of each)

2 Scotch Bonnets (Deseed to remove spice if you like)

3 Sprigs of Fresh Lemon Thyme.

1 1/2 Table spoons Of Mild Curry Powder (I used the Tropical Sun)

2 Table spoon Tomato Paste or Canned chopped Tomatoes.

1 Table spoon of Aromat or River Dunns All purpose Seasoning.

1 Tsp of Tropical Sun Pimento Seeds

2 Cloves of Garlic Minced

2 Medium Potatoes Chopped

Thumb size Ginger or Tsp of Ginger powder/paste

1 Table Spoon Coconut Powder

Tablespoon of White Wine Vinegar


Black Pepper



For the Rice & Peas:

2 Cups of Long Grain Rice

1 cup of Red Kidney Beans

1 Scotch bonnet

Half an onion

Half Spring Onion

Knob of Butter

Pint of Vegetable Stock

Half a cup of Santan Coconut powder/ 1 canned Milk

 Hopefully you find this useful & let me know what think of the recipe Xx

  1. Hello Kezia! Great recipe! I love love your channel and you seem to be a very nice person 🙂 Are you on bloglovin? I hope so Xx from Belgium

    1. Hi Marie Thank you for your comment and yes i am it’s keziaskookbook and you can find the link the main page 🙂

  2. Hi It will be nice to know the brand of the coconut powder and where you got it from. Tropical isle or spice isle e.g in sainsbury.

  3. can you put the directions up as well for these? like what you start with first and mix in after? for the curry goat that is.

  4. Hey girl! I just wanted you to know that you’re awesome. I’ve learned so much from you. Keep it coming. I absolutely LOVE all your recipes. I have my chicken in the oven as we speak. 😀

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