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How I plan on getting my summer body?

April 19, 2015

Detoxing! and exercising ofcourse! but honestly this is the secret to a flatter tummy! (I’ve done it before so i’m doing it again) haha! and speaking of detox It feels like it was just yesterday when I did my first D.I.Y Detox recipes!

Using those recipes in my daily routine especially the flavoured water, changed my habits for the good and had my skin feeling more hydrated and clearer. But moving onto things I needed something to get me in gear, especially as summer is lurking round the corner! So that means a flatter stomach and more energy to get through the day and most importantly my workouts. So here it is… The Teami blends skinny detox and colon cleanse (as pictured below) and not to forget the cute yellow tea infuser..






















What does it involve? Some special herbs (they have a range of teas from, energy to relax and even pro-fit but I opted for skinny and colon cleanse instead). And Like any normal tea you’ll need hot water (or honey for taste if you wish).












The Skinny tea (as pictured above & below) costs $29.99 which is £20 here in the UK. It’s a loose tea so I do recommend getting a tea infuser, I got a yellow one (which costs $8.49/£5.65). I drink this every morning and all you need is a teaspoon so it’s looking to last for ages.

So far it’s has helped a lot with my bloating, it’s also given me a bit more energy (which is needed especially for working out). Best of all I’ve lost a bit of weight within a week! and seen a difference with just drinking it on it’s own! ahhh! *ps more updates to come!

























Skinny tea, Using the Tennessee glass mug I got from for £7.54 (Love them)













The Colon cleanse as (pictured above) costs $24.49 which is £16.39 and is to be taken every other day. It’s the first one I tried of the two and saying it helps with bloating is an understatement, it’s amazing as it also helps a lot with the digestion process and getting rid of unwanted stuff.

I opted for the two as I wanted one for every day and one I can take when I want a major cleanse (i think it works well that way.. in my head anyway)! But so far i’m loving it. The shipping was fast and most of all their price is very reasonable considering how well it works!

*Pseach tea bag should infuse for 3-5 minutes before drinking and visit their (website)  ( for more info.

They also offer 10% off purchases anytime so use this code KEZIA10 at the checkout! 🙂

Any way loves happy detoxing! and if you do try let me know how it’s going for you mwah Xx

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