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Girl Crushes Who Also Happen To Be Foodies!

June 10, 2015

Find Out who my WCW this week is…

Seeing as it’s Wednesday, I thought i’d share some more of my girl crushes who also happen to be foodies! From the domestic queen herself Nigella Lawson (My Ultimate Girl Crush) who I featured previously on here to…



Yep you guessed it! SuperModel Miss Jourdann Dunn! gorgeous, sassy, and know’s how to throw it down! I fell in love with her ‘Well Dunn’ with Jourdan Dunn cooking show On Jayz + Life and times YouTube channel! *Ps If you see this Jourdann (even though I think you won’t) come back!


Lastly, the gorgeous @ChrissyTeigen with her mouth watering photos of Instagram including roasted lamb, tom yum soup and even butternut squash spaghetti is enough to have you drooling! #UltimateGirlCrush






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