A night with Rennie and Sorted Food |#RennieHappyEating

TRA15 Medal Brnz

It was a night of good food, drinks and laughs, including live cooking demos from the guys at SortedFood. The event was hosted by Rennie, the UK’s number one tablet for aiding heartburn and indigestion two main culprits that can inhibit us from enjoying one of life’s greatest pleasures- eating.



We were treated to live food demos from the guys who had some very funny and interesting stories about themselves and how they got started ( 4 best friends who started a journey 5 years ago and now amass 1.3 million subscribers on  YouTube – talk about mega!)


Midst of the cocktail drinking and food tasting and mystery box challenge.

Enjoying some seriously delicious pancakes with hot cripsy buttermilk chicken made by Ben from Sorted Food.

Including some delicious glittery cocktails from Christables – pomegranate prosseco, my fave!

It was a great night indeed, a big thanks to Rennie and the guys are Sorted for a great night!

Now onto the mystery box challenge! Make sure you stay tuned for that and until very soon speak soon!

Kezia xo

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