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They say how you enter the New Year is how you’re most likely going to spend the rest of the year. I am currently in Lagos spending time with family, sipping on some vanilla tea and nibbling on some Akara – deep fried spicy bean cakes.  This is something I certainly hope to be doing in the New Year, traveling, spending time with family and starting new culinary adventures.

Since the recent passing of my Grandfather who was taken away unexpectedly, it reminded me of how we can take certain things for granted, like the moments we have with our loved ones. Life is short and it is best lived to the fullest, it’s important to be grateful and thankful, counting our blessings and not worrying about the future and where we ought to be.

If there is one thing I have learnt this year is that patience is a good thing, so is contentment. It’s ok to have goals at the same time it’s equally as important to be thankful and take everyday with a pinch of salt and just live.

I’d like to thank you my readers for your patience with my posts and videos as it’s been a little inconsistent. I don’t have any ‘New Year Resolutions’  because I’ve already decided to start implementing positive change that would go with me into the New Year.

Sending blessings, love and happiness to you all ! Happy New Year!

Kezia XO

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