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This Week’s Food Shop

January 12, 2016

Today during my lunch break I headed to Waitrose to pick up some roast chicken and salad for lunch as they do some seriously good BBQ Mesquite roast chicken.

I also took the time to pick up a few items for my weekly shop. As those of you living in the UK know, Waitrose can be a little pricey as compared to all the other supermarkets especially for bulk shopping. So I usually pick up a few items as it’s a few minutes away from work.

So for this week’s shop I picked up a few items as follows:

  1. Natural Fat Free Greek Yoghurt – I like to have this for breakfast with oats or sometimes with berries. I use it for a lot of things It’s a great probiotic perfect for aiding digestion. (Must Have)
  2. Avocados – I use this for every thing.
  3. Strawberries – Waitrose has some of the best quality Strawberries. Lookout for plump fresh strawberries nothing too light in color which means it’s flavourless.
  4. Blackberries – Soo delicious great for snacking and in smoothies. I think it’s also great for aiding digestion.
  5. Florette crispy salad – Great blend of leaves perfect for instant salad gratification and for packed lunch.
  6. Freezer bags including Pour & Store freezer bags – which will be a great addition to storing stock and soups for meal preps. (must buy)
  7. Bacon Foil roast bags great for sealing flavours and keeping chicken moist it’s also great for keeping the skin crisp.

So that’s for my biweekly shop every item mentioned can be purchased from your supermarket of choice. I will bring you this weeks meat and veg shop shortly.

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