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10 Rules for eating better to look and feel good.

January 19, 2016

I wrote this as a reminder in early November before we got into the full Christmas shenanigans. I knew I needed time to remember and form these habits as I wasn’t a fan of how I was feeling at the time despite my deepest efforts to switch up my diet. But my diet was perfectly fine. These steps  are allowing me to see results in the way that I look and feel. And it’s literally the little changes that can make the big difference.

If you like take it and print it for you own little reminder and if you have any of your own that you’d like to add please feel free to share it in the comment section below.

10 Golden rules for better eating

Of course all of these can’t be implemented over night (for me I’m still trying to manage rule 9 which I completely go against every now and again).  Just start off with what you can currently take control of such as chewing your food (eating with a fork helps).

Switching from table to Himalayan or sea salt. Eating more vegetables, drinking more water and having  herbal teas as opposed to caffeine laden drinks which can be highly addictive and dehydrating. I like to have green tea after every heavy meal as it helps with my digestion.

For ‘rule 7’ I found that it’s best to soak nuts, beans, and quinoa over night to soften and activate them.

For ‘in season’ produce each country varies, for the UK I use this chart from ‘eat seasonably’ to help me:

For the USA a great website is:

South Africa:

I haven’t been able to include all countries but the best and easiest tip to know what is in season is to visit your local farmers market. 







  1. Hi Kezia! My name is Maureen. I am from Nigeria and quite new to your website. Your tips are very useful and I hope to use them as I think I need to fix myself up and take up new habits. I feel strongly about Rule 2 especially with the fact that here in Nigeria, chemical aided fruits are everywhere and you can no longer tell the in season fruits from the chemically aided ones. Is it possible to get a chart like the one you use on Google that is specific to Nigeria?

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