Amsterdam, the city I’d been longing to visit. Having booked a weekend away with the girls there were a few gems I discovered during my short stay. So take notes for when you next you visit.



1. Waffles/Desserts – 
 In Amsterdam, there are an abundance of dessert places to visit but a simple and obvious choice is to visit the Ice bakery – a dessert bakery selling waffles, ice cream, freshly baked churros (drizzled with melted Nutella), doughnuts and any sweet thing imaginable.

Giant tubs of Nutella are mounted everywhere – over the counter, on the back shelves, by the glass cabinets. It is like a Nutella haven with the delicious scent of chocolate, hazelnuts and baked goods.

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I loved the beautifully (and deliciously) displayed a rainbow of macaroons, along with the assortment of chocolate covered waffles, muffins, glazed doughnuts glistening through the glass, not to talk of the freshly made churros.

After hours of deliberating I settled for chocolate covered waffles, a toffee glazed doughnut with Nutella in the middle. Not to forget the best chocolate chip muffin I’ve tried to date. oh. and churros…. 



2. Appletaart (Applepie) – For the best apple pie visit Winkel (below) at Noordemarkt 43, a cafe tucked away in surburban area just south of the city. It’s certainly a hidden gem as I’ve never tasted anything so good! At night the cafe is dimly lit with candles, jazz music subtly playing in the background, it is perfect for a relaxing and even romantic mood.

Photo by off the meat hook

3. Thai and Chinese food – Thai food in hugely ingrained in some parts of Dutch cuisine and vice versa, so you’ll come across a lot of Thai/Dutch restaurants. A must try.  Another is Chinese – We had a great meal at Dragon King, a Chinese restaurant, in China Town, central Amsterdam.

I had Hoisin Duck breasts with steamed cabbage and jasmine rice (€11) which is arounf (£8).


Also ordered was a serving of Sweet n sour chicken and beef in black bean sauce. (2 rather large portions for €12 each). Not bad.

Fast food: Manneken Pis – named Amsterdam’s best chips, although I’ve had just as good at the local chippy. What I love about this was the portion size. A small can literally feed 2 people and the prices are very reasonable. Expect long queues as this is very popular amongst tourists. Lol.





Other places to visit….

The Cheese Shop

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I’m no cheese connoisseur so I wouldn’t fully have fully appreciated it as much as some of you who love cheese. A must visit if you do as this would be your haven. They give samples too, lot’s of it.

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drinks shels in news

drink in neiuws

costers 2

A quirky concept store or ‘shop’ called ‘Nieuws’ or what I presume stands for newsagents. They had a lot of humorous items including meme coasters (above) rainbow candies, books and the one I loved, the range of vintage fizzy drinks. A great store for souvenirs and items that you won’t find in normal stores. Loved it! 

If you’ve been to Amsterdam what are your favourite spots?


And Lastly, something I learnt

Coffee shops are not just for coffee…..



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