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Delightful Breakfast at the local Deli

April 5, 2016

Through running errands my sister (ShirleyBEniang) and I stopped off at our local cafe for some breakfast before continuing with the days agenda. We had a full/busy week ahead and it was my pre-flight meal before I headed to Amsterdam for the weekend with my gal pals. Having showered and packed, I donned my comfy (clean) workout gear, or what I like to refer to as lounge wear (as they are so comfy) and headed to one of our local deli’s.

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I opted for a slightly healthier option of toasted brown bread, smoked salmon and scrambled eggs – I love eggs but my yolk  has to be cooked through. I don’t know if it’s just me who likes my eggs like this, as runny yolks always seem to be a favourite among others. Nevertheless, eggs are always a great choice however, you like it!

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I love mornings like this, waking up getting dressed and having a good breakfast, whether I’m tucked up in bed, in front of the TV or dining out I’ve come to find that nothing beats a good breakfast. So much it inspired me to make this video on 5 Simple breakfast Ideas. 

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Never underestimate the power of freshly squeezed orange or grapefruit juice.

Note: I have a glass of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice most mornings as it’s great to have on an empty stomach. Why? just like lemon it has tremendous alkalizing properties which is good for the body.

Next on my list is having breakfast at Dishoom. I’ve heard they have some amazing food and staples on the menu so that is certainly pending within the next few days. What other places would you recommend?

And if you could choose between the full English (baked beans, sausages, bacon) or smoked salmon with scrambled eggs what which would you choose (tough question)?







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