First attempt at pan fried pizza

What was supposed to be a beef pattie or what we call ‘meat pie’ turned into a pan fried pizza thing.

The pastry dough I made required very simple ingredients – most of which would be sitting comfortably in our kitchen cupboards/fridge.

As I was mashing the flour and margarine between my fingers I came to realise the presence of the margarine was no more – I didn’t have enough to make my pastry so I just had to make do with flour, milk a bit of yeast and water for the base.

As it sat there, rolled into a ball not knowing what to do with it.  I cut a few pieces, flattened it with my hand, then rolled it out and popped it onto a hot oiled pan to fry then under the grill to finish.

So how did this turn out? Let’s find out.


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I used 1 cup of flour and extra for dusting.



cold water


Tiny bit of yeast.

Tomato base:

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2 Tablespoons of tomato puree

4 Tablespoons water

Olive oil




Powder garlic if you fancy.


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Grilled Sausages


Cheese (if you fancy, I did skip on the cheese).

Verdict: I loved the texture of the base with its slight sweet, biscuity texture which gave it a playful edge.

The base worked well – simple yet flavorsome with the absence of that slight acidic/bitterness that the puree tends to give.

Overall it tasted great, perfect for those mid-day/ evening snacks (maybe for breakfast?!) or when you have a pizza craving.

The only thing I would do is measure out the ingredients properly. As I have a habit of cooking from sight which is not necessarily the best for when you want to share the recipe.

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  1. I’ve tried making pizza so many times it just never works out, your recipe seems really easy, I’ll give it a try, Wish me luck 😀 (if i fail, i think i should get the hint and stop cooking) XD

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