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May 11, 2016

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I was looking through photos I took on my last visit to Nigeria and I came across these. I was taken back to that day – a beautiful January afternoon. The dust had cleared, (Harmattan season) and I had gathered a few bottles from around the house and perched them on this table in the balcony to take a quick snap before my siblings swamped in to take their pick.

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We all have our favorites, mine being bitter lemon and coke and my siblings, sprite and fanta. The recipe for these drinks are different to the ones we have in the UK (and probably the rest of the world). The difference I think is the level of fizz along with the caramel/syrup notes in each drink which makes it such a pleasure to drink. 

I love drinking soft drinks in glass bottles as it gives more of a refreshing taste. In Nigeria in particular, in order to get hold of a glass bottle drink you will have to trade in your used bottles at the nearest store. Which is great scheme for recycling.

Soft Drinks – What’s Your Pick? 

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Coca-Cola – Has a lot more caramel notes paired with the right amount of fizz which gives a very refreshing taste.

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Schweppes Bitter lemon – For those who love a sweet, zingy taste this is a must! You can find this in any afro-carribean supermarket outside of Nigeria (or any west African country).

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Fanta – Just like the coke has a lot of caramel/syrup notes with the right amount of fizz which makes it arguably the most popular choice. You will without any doubt find this at every party, wedding etc.

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Sprite  – The perfect lemonade. It is produced by the coca-cola company and is the most popular lemon/lime soda in the world.

Beer & Bitters 

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Star larger is the most popular lager in Nigeria and other parts of Western Africa like Ghana, the ingredients are locally sourced and brewed across the different regions in Nigeria. It is so drinkable with minimal after taste that makes it perfect for warmer climates. My new found love Orijin bitters, is an alcoholic beverage locally made with a special concoction of natural African herbs and fruits extracts to give a balance of sweet and bitter notes. I enjoyed it poolside, best served chilled – a few swigs of this had me reeling over as I had forgotten it’s alcohol content nevertheless, it’ll always be a fave!

Have you tried any of these?  Fanta, Coke, Bitter lemon, Sprite, Star or Orijin? What’s your pick? let me know and you can win £30 Amazon voucher! 

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  1. Now I want to go back to Botswana 🙁 Fanta Orange is definitely the way to go! The one here in the U.K is a disappointment though. For one, it’s yellow. Secondly, it doesn’t taste like joy, and, well… the list is endless.

  2. Hmm, This gave me a memory of Sudan, we also have the glass bottle things and the recycling, its so cute, my favorite on your list is defiantly sprite although I’d pick ginger fizzy drink over it any day >.<
    I hope you tried it.
    (P.S I don't use Amazon so you don't have to count me in in that contest :D)

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