Current Favourite Books | #WorldBookDay

It’s World Book Day and I thought I’d share 4 of my current favourite books (mostly cookbooks). I love these not just for the recipes but for the stories behind them. As an avid reader, I seek books that enable my imagination to run wild whilst gleaming a perspective into the lives of those who share their journey through food.

1. Nigel Slater’s A year of good eating.

A diary entry of recipes and stories, from simple heart warming recipes to unusual food combinations. This is one of my all time favourite cookbooks. It was my first time reading any of Nigel’s books and I was drawn straight in.

2. Simpilicious by Sarah Wilson.

Star of best selling ‘I Quit Sugar’ books. Sarah released the Simpilicious cookbook which I recently purchased, intrigued by the idea of introducing newer recipes into my diet. One of the things I love most about this book is how colourful and illustrative it is. It’s a very detailed book however you never get bored or instantly feel the need to shut the book and move on.

3.  Diane Jacob’s Will Write For Food.

In desperate need to improve on my writing skills I was drawn to this stunning book. For anyone interested in the art of writing whether as a journalist, Blogger (especially anyone interested in food blogging) then this will be the best guide for you. It’s wonderfully written and offers a lot of useful advice on how to improve writing, how to set up a blog and how to devise a career in the world of food.

4. The Good Food Guide

Despite being  in 2017, this book still comes in very handy offering advice on the best places to eat. Whenever I’m lost for ideas I always flip open this book and search for places based on the area I want to visit and type of food. Whether it’s Pan-Asian or Italian it will suggest the best places to try. I am a little outdated with this as the newer editions have been updated so will have to go a re-purchase.



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