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8 BENEFITS OF LEMON WATER | What I discovered

June 20, 2017

Happy Tuesday! It may seem like I’m all about lemon these days… firstly my Green Tea Lemonade recipe and now it’s this, lemon water. I just can’t get enough of it! As someone who has a fairly balanced diet, carb loving, meat eating human that I am, and with a holiday right round the corner I’ve been using my FAT bursting tips and tricks in the most natural and healthiest way possible and Lemon water seems to be working for me as part of my daily routine/diet.

  1.  Keeping me hydrated whilst adding a refreshing taste to my water!
  2. Helping to burn fat, yes! (random but whenever I wash chicken with lemon if you see the way the fat peels off) it’ll make you wonder why lemon water isn’t part of your diet.
  3. Furthermore, It’s helping to keep my belly flat (alongside excersise ofcourse) but honeslty first thing in the morning lemon and warm water makes a difference.
  4. My skin has been looking a lot brighter since having at least once glass of lemon water a day (Lemon with warm water first thing in the morning or a normal glass of water with 2 slices of lemon).
  5. Increasing my Vitamin C and Potassium intake which is vital for good immune system.
  6. Aids digestion = Flatter Stomach (see number 3)
  7. Cleanses your system…
  8. Reduces inflammation


In the morning, before breakfast

I use 1/2  a lemon, squeezed into a mug/glass and pour warm water from the kettle.

Alternatively, during the day

In a glass, I add 2 lemon slices, which I halved, and pour filtered water.

I used Brita Filter, to filter my water (Can’t live without this).

I use my Miu Glass Bottle, for the go.

Ofcourse, there are some side effects such as the citrus affect on teeth (enamel) I found the best way is to drink with a straw and I drink at least one glass a day or if you prefer every other day! Sorted.

Have you tried lemon water? Share with me your tips/experiences below!



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    My name is Sandra Cross and I am a professional singer from London (Please feel free to google my name)

    Love your blogs….Please tell me about your hair and stylist.

    Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you…


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