Impromptu Sunday Lunch | The Bike Shed

Beautiful Sunday afternoons call for a stroll and wander around the city to find some good food spots for Sunday lunch.

Whilst I’ll usually opt for a local brasserie that serves roast beef with potatoes and Yorkshire pudding or a Nigerian restaurant for spiced fried fish, rice and plantains I was in the mood for something light and found myself at The Bike Shed in Shoreditch.

My Brother Alan and I 

We had Avo and Chicken Salad with a side of crisp sweet potato fries, onion rings and two glasses of a delicious green ‘retox’ juice made with kiwi, cucumber and apple. At some point was taken by surprise when I witnessed a motorcycle (more than once) rev past our table and through the restaurant, until it dawned on me why it was called the Bike Shed, it was a Motocycle Showroom With a Restaurant Next Door (where we were) Lol.

I swapped my usual uniform of black clothing for a bit of colour to match the weather! 🙂

The food was good and the vibe was decent, the service – a little underwhelming, but would be happy to go back for drinks or a sample of other items on the menu! Have you been to Bike Shed? or have any restaurant recommendations? Let me know down below loveliess!




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