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Freixenet Ice | 5 Reasons Why It’s On My Summer Wine List

August 7, 2017

It’s like drinking sparkling fruit juice with a refreshing kick…
Freixenet Ice is the kind of sparkling wine that can be enjoyed easily with it’s intensely fruity finish, served over ice with mint and fresh fruit.
It’s the sort I’ll pop open when I have the girls round for a catch up or at picnics and dinner parties. It’s been one of my go to bubbly’s this summer since attending the launch a few weeks ago.

At the Freixenet Ice Launch

5 Reasons it’s worth adding to the summer wine list:

  1. Perfect for hosting – Serve with ice and fresh fruits and you have a sparkly cocktail that is delicious and fuss free! I did it the other day and my friends were super impressed.
  2. One that everyone can enjoy (over 18 of-course) – Prosecco is usually known for it’s subtle taste and dry finish – this however, is fruity and sweet with a refreshing finish.
  3.  Price friendly – For the quality of cava that it is, it’s incredibly price friendly around £8 a bottle – available in most UK supermarkets.
  4.  It’s a summer drink all round – Fruity, light, crisp and good enough to get you in that summer feeling.
  5. Perfect addition to cocktails  – If you’re all about experimenting when it get’s to cocktails like me, then this may just be the perfect addition! I’m thinking pimms or even Bellini.. but we’ll see!


What’s your perfect summer drink? 

A. Cocktails
B. Wine/Rose
C. Champagne
D. Non alcoholic drink

Let me know down below! xoxo

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