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Suprise Blind Lunch at Bourne and Hollingsworth

September 19, 2017

It was like something out straight out of pintrest.

As my friend Ren and I dashed out of the taxi and into the pouring rain, we had not prepared for what lay ahead on our blind lunch date organised by the London Food Guide. Pushing through the doors of Bourne and Hollingsworth – A large black building hidden in an off cut road in Clerkenwell,  I was instantly transported into Instagram and restaurant heaven. The sort of space i’d pin on my Pintrest board with the hopes of discovering one day.

It was all white with large window panes and natural light beaming through. The host, dressed smartly in a black suit greeted us with a warm welcome and guided my guest and I to the bar – a wide 1920’s inspired sweep bar that circled the centre of the room where we ordered elderflower and gin infused cocktails.

Next, we were heading through the restaurant to the back were our table awaited. Passing through, I scanned the scene before me and couldn’t help but notice the collection of vintage inspired mismatched upholstery dotted around the restaurant- the charm.

Finally we arrive at our table once we walk through a set of large white doors at the back and into our own private corner on the far left next to a large window. Before setting by bag down I whip out my phone as it’s on it’s last leg before it dies (my camera did too) so I try to make the most out of it incase I don’t document anything, as I know won’t forgive myself.

Ren and I finally take a seat and make ourselves comfortable on the plush vintage chairs, we scan the menu and our surroundings again- It’s like a dream garden, beautifully lit and adorned with green tropical leaves hanging from the ceiling and all the way down to the floor. The ceilings are high, very high, and softend natural light gushes in casting a soft hue. I then start to imagine how romantic it may be at night, dimly lit without the stream of natural light.

Wine arrives and then the food, I order Heritage tomato, lovage and Golden Cross salad for starters and my friend Ren orders the Caesar salad with baby gem lettuce, anchovies, croutons, and Parmesan cheese. I’ve always wondered what the intrigue of heritage tomatoes are so I knew this was my chance to try it – If you love goats cheese then this may be the one for you.

For mains, I order Slow cooked Suffolk pork and thick cut potato chips, the host tells me that they only use female pork as it’s more tender and succulent. It’s served alongside buttered greens, cauliflower purée and red wine jus.

Dessert is placed before us, Ren & I ordered the same Chocolate tart with Strawberry sorbet. The sorbet is a deep pink colour, and sits on a bed of sliced strawberries after a few seconds of  eyeing our prize, we take a bite at the same time, Ren’s eyes go wide and I know we both agree on the flavour – it’s amazing. And one I’ve never tasted before, the sharpness of the starwberries cuts through the dark rich chocolate that is balanced by the sweetness of the biscuit base of the tart.

Tea and coffee is served last. We sit for a few minutes sipping our hot drinks and planning our next move. Home is were we decide to go, we believe a great meal often consists of a great nap afterwards. But really the plans change easily as London weather, we’re heading to back to Ren’s home to make dinner for our friends who were sad that they couldn’t join our amazing lunch experience.

I’d like to thank the Food Guide app for this recommendation, If you’d like to know where to find these little gems then perhaps download the app.

And of-course a big thank you to Bourne and Hollingsworth  for the fantastic food and service.


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