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Mini Summer Picnic | Bank Holiday Weekend

September 9, 2017


Enjoying the Bank Holiday the Al fresco way with @cidrerie_stassen_uk

To mark the last Bank holiday weekend of the year I thought I’d celebrate with friends by having a nice picnic overlooking Regents park. We enjoyed the pretty views whilst nibbling on crackers cheese, grapes and raspberries (after a heavy meal of jollof earlier on in the day) and  sipped on cold glasses of Stassen Rose Cider which was literally the most perfect thing.

As for my love of cider and prosecco goes, it was a match made in heaven when I came across the newly released Stassen cider (now available in the UK). A premium collection of artisanal ciders made from quality fruits like apples and pears sourced from Liege Region in Belgium.


The Cidrerie Stassen Range


  • Stassen Cidre Brut: is made by combining bittersweet apples sourced from the Aubel and Liege regions of Belgium, with a touch of aromatic pear juice. It has a pale golden colour, green fruity aroma a refreshingly taste.

          Pair well with salted nuts, olives and fresh cheeses.

  • Stassen Cidre Cuvée Roséis made with rare red-flesh apples to impart it’s distinctive, natural pink hue. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine when drinking this that it’s cider as it has a delicious fruity taste

          I paired it with Pair cheese, rasberries and grapes however, it’s perfect with a board of cured meats and medium or try with confit duck. 

  • Stassen Cidre Grand Cru: is also an exquisite medium-dry sparkling cider made using fresh juice from a combination of hand-picked bittersweet and dessert apples from the family orchards in the Aubel region of Belgium. It has a delicate flavour with notes of ripe fruits, vanilla and long fruity finish. 

Enjoyed with a light seafood or white meat dish, baked camembert, brie soufflé, roasted peppers and goat’s cheese, or   simply savour on its own. 


Follow the brand on Instagram for more updates: @cidrerie_stassen_uk

Now that summer is over and we begin to settle into autumn I will now be heading back to the kitchen to whip up more recipes.

Let me know down below what you got up to this summer and what your favourite moments were to win a bottle of your choice. xoxox

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