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January 24, 2018

Happy New Year my loves, I’ve been a little MIA on here and YouTube since Christmas. The festive season took it’s toll on me so I booked a ticket to Lagos to visit my family for a nice little break before I got stuck into work. I’m currently here sitting on the balcony with a cold glass of Nigerian Fanta in-hand typing away. It definitely feels good to be back, the energy is very much alive and I always feel a little revived and inspired whenever i’m here.

The plan is just to relax and spend time with the family and we’ve been doing just that with the occasional outings. My mum has been busy in the kitchen all day cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner and we feel utterly spoilt at her generous hospitality. For breakfast it’s usually fresh brewed tea or milo with sweet agege bread and butter. I don’t have much appetite in the mornings so I wait till midday to eat something savoury and spicy.

Yesterday we went to Hard Rock Cafe which has beautiful views of the ocean and a private beach which we took a stroll on. I feasted on Suya spiced burger (below), wings chips and sangria cocktails, it was heaven.


There are a few things I always make sure to enjoy when I’m in Nigeria. It’s currently agbalumo season so I have been eating it non-stop. The Nigerian cherry is the same size as a plum, orange colour with leathery skin speckled with grey & dark spots. When peeled (with your teeth) it unveils it’s sweet flesh and seeds buried underneath. Agbalumo is sweet with sometimes an unbelievable sour tinge the bites the back of your tongue. It’s the sweetness of the fruit I crave and the way the sour flavour of the meaty flesh tickles the back of my throat that makes me go back for more.

Since being here I’ve been able to write up a few posts and ideas for the blog and channel. I’m really looking forward to sharing some exciting delicious and healthy recipes with you in the following months. Is there anything you’d like to see? or any places in Lagos you’d like me to visit?

Let me know down below xoxo






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