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Chocolate Moment’s with Cadbury’s | Celebrating the launch of the new Dairy Milk 30% Less Sugar chocolate.

October 19, 2019

It was an Afternoon Tea bus ride around central London & I had just arrived off a 6 hour flight from Lagos earlier that morning. Anticipating the few hours ahead, I got ready, swapping my sandals for winter boots & my grey knit dress for brown body suit, Jeans and black over the knees boots before I set out to London Bridge for my afternoon tea with Cadbury’s. 

The red bus stood out, parked right outside London Bridge station, surrounded by photographers & on lookers. From the distance I could see it’s entrance adorned with purple balloons with the familiar Cadbury logo above. That was our ride for the day and I couldn’t wait to get on board. 

Sipping on peppermint tea, phone in hand, I began snapping away with what was set before me. We were seated at the upper deck, which was adorned with beautiful purple, green and pink flowers. A table neatly laid, out with our individual place cards next to a Cadbury Dairy Milk 30% less sugar chocolate bar and edible menu, literally. 

The chocolate themed afternoon tea was inspired by Cadbury’s in collaboration with Brigits Bakery to celebrate the launch of the new Dairy Milk 30% less sugar chocolate. 

I helped myself to some chocolate whilst I surveyed the chocolate inspired menu, my eyes settling on the Chilli choc vennoius with chicken and mustard mayo. I couldn’t believe I was about to indulge in a savoury chocolate meal not to talk of their Pastrami bun, with tomato salad and chocolate sauce!

It was delicious to say the least, and for a split second felt like I was in Charlie and the chocolate factory with the amount of options listed before me, not to talk of the edible rice paper menu we were able to eat. 

We learnt a lot about the process of making the new Dairy Milk chocolate and the reason behind making a less sugar alternative from their chief innovator & product developer Adam, including a nutritionist and members of the Cadbury marketing team.

*My Diary milk Cadbury notes:

  • Healthier option with less sugar.Challenge faced maintaining usual flavour snap and texture while reducing sugar, but managed to achieve it.
  • Process took 3 years to make.
  • Nutritionists, innovators & chocolatiers worked on this.

Tastes exactly the same as the normal dairy milk, I did notice the chocolate is denser however, and I could taste the cocoa a bit more. Verdict 7/10 and perhaps my new preferred option to the normal dairy milk! Have you tried it? Let me know!

Competition Time!

To celebrate the launch and to share the love with my readers too! I’m giving away a mini chocolate dairy milk gift box with anasssortment of dairy milk chocolates including the new Dairy Milk 30% less sugar chocolate, just comment if you’d like to try out the new Dairy Milk less sugar & what your favourite dairy milk chocolates are, competition closes end of the month Oct 31st. Open to UK/Europe. T&C apply!

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