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Seafood Okra | Autumn comforts

By on November 1, 2017

Okra soup is something that’s grown on me tremendously over the years, as a child I used to protest against it and opt for something else. Now I find it intensely satisfying, providing comfort when I‘m in need. My latest version of Okra soup may be displeasing to some as it shares a different take on how traditional Nigerian Okra soup is made and whilst this may be true, I see nothing wrong with providing a different take on this using ingredients that are easily accessible. As mentioned in my video (please see video below) I have adapted it to how I cook and sometimes like to eat.

The turning point…

for me was a seafood okra I sampled at a small local kitchen 20 minutes from our home in Lagos. The Okra had little to zero ounce of palm oil, but the fragrant scent and taste of scotch bonnets along with the perfect balance of salt, ground crayfish and stock was unbelievably delicious, so much so I often found myself craving and fantasising about it. Sadly, no matter how many attempts I tried to recreate it at home I still haven’t quite reached there yet. However, I’ve developed something that I’m equally happy with and that is the recipe I’ll be sharing with you, please see below for ingredients.

Okra 1kg

1 litre fish stock

2 cups of Chopped Kale

2 Scotch bonnets chillies

Palm oil

1 onion, chopped

2 x Knorr stock cube

Bay leaf, (optional)

1 teaspoon freshly crushed Ginger (optional)

1 teaspoon crayfish

1 teaspoon smoked ground prawns


Black pepper


Red Seabream perfect for this as it’s meaty & can hold quite well.
Tiger prawns, quite expensive but are great. Alternatively use prawns or shrimps. My ideal pot of soup would include crabs and mussels but I wanted to start of small and whilst I build confidence in cooking with delicate Seafood items.

Important Prep and cooking notes

Chop the Okra into 1 cm chunks, I also like to use kale for this recipe as it provides great texture. Alternatively you can use spinach or pumpkin leaves. Roughly chop the kale too. If you want a more soupy consistency then blitz the okra in a food processor or blender prior to cooking.

Cooking the Fish: fish is very tender and cooks rather quickly, in the video I  cooked the prawns with the seabream but I would recommend cooking the prawns separately, for about 2-3 minutes both sides before adding to the soup. If you would like to cook the prawns with the fish like I did, then cook for no longer than 6 minutes. Grilling them can also provide great flavour but be careful not to overcook as it can provide a tough rubbery texture.

Recipe video:

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Making Nando’s Chicken At Home

By on June 28, 2017

Walking through the supermarket aisle I caught a glimpse of the bright orange bottle, with a bold black cap and label. It stood out amongst the other sauces and without a thought, I picked it up and placed it in my basket.

Fast forward to today, craving peri chicken more than ever with zero interest in leaving the house I thought I’d make some Peri Peri chicken with the Nando’s ‘Medium’ Marinade with a few additional ingredients 🙂

I opted for Nando’s Medium, I but I do love their extra hot… what’s your choice? (Lemon & Herb, Medium or Hot)?

Ingredients I Used:

6 Chicken quarters
1 teaspoon of dried pepper I used Korean Pepper but Smoked Paprika would be good
1 teaspoon mixed herbs
3 cloves of fresh garlic or 1 teaspoon of garlic powder
2 Knorr Stock Cubes
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Black pepper
150ml of Nando’s Hot Medium Peri Marinade
Juice of 1 lemon or lime, with a bit of zest
1 tablespoon brown sugar or honey


  • Wash and pat dry the chicken. Then make slits in the chicken and season both sides with the dry ingredients and olive oil (not the Nando’s marinade).
  • Rub well together and leave to marinate for 20 minutes (best over night).
  • Pre-heat the oven to 200 C / 180 C Fan / Gas 6.
  • In a pan (I love using non stick for this) heat some oil (2 tablespoons) and place the chicken skin side down, we just want to brown the skin not fully cook it so do this for about 3 minutes on both sides until the skin turns golden brown.
  • Once the chicken has been browned, place into a baking tray, coat lightly with 50ml of Nando’s Marinade then bake for 30 minutes.
  • For the Nando’s marinade – Pour 100ml depending on how much you want into a pan, squeeze some lemon or lime juice and add a tablespoon of brown sugar or honey and stir and cook for 3-4 minutes. Make sure to taste and adjust to your preference, as you may want to add a bit more honey 🙂
  • Once the chicken is half way cooked baste the marinade on both sides of the chicken and cook for remaining minutes.
  • Before serving I like to pour the juice of the baked chicken into the Nando’s marinade, mix and baste the chicken again, and then grill the chicken for a few more minutes, the sauce can also be served as a dip alongside the chicken.

*PS this recipe will be perfect over the BBQ 🙂

Enjoy with rice or salad 🙂

Have you tried Nando’s marinade? I love their extra hot!!


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Sunday Roast | Orange and rosemary chicken.

By on November 3, 2015

_MG_6093It was that spur-of-the-moment kind of situation when I made this recipe with ingredients only available to me at the time.

Rather than waste a lonely orange that was nearly past it’s sell by date or a whole bird waiting to be chopped and stewed later in the week, I thought I’d try my luck and whip up a roast instead.

The thing I love about this recipe in particular, is that you can adjust the marinade to your preference. Whether you want it sweeter, a little more zesty, spicier, garlicky, you can taste and adjust it as you go along just before you bathe your chicken in it.

A little piece of advice – don’t go too over board (as I have in the past) with the tweaks, just trust your taste buds and tweak a little here and there till you’re satified.

Another quick tip before we start. Chicken tastes great when it’s left to marinate for up to an hour or best over night It also helps to remove the chicken from the fridge 20 minutes prior to cooking and allow it to drop to room temperature as this will prevent the chicken from ‘shock’ a quick process of drying the chicken and allowing it to cook unevenly – which is something we don’t want.

So yes, let’s get started…

Prep: 15 minutes

Cooking time 1 1/2 hours

Chicken Marinade

1 Large Orange, Halved.

Splash of Olive oil

2 Table spoons of Honey (Modify to your preference)

1 1/2 Tablespoon Soy Sauce

1 teaspoon Garlic, grated (or garlic granules)

1/2 Sprig rosemary

1  sprig thyme

Pinch of Salt

Black pepper

Onion granules

All purpose seasoning – Aromat, Maggi or Know (Optional)

Method For the marinade – Squeeze the orange generously into a bowl, followed by a big slug of olive oil, if you like  measure with about 2 to 3 tablespoons of olive oil. The oil contributes to the moist and crispy skin of the chicken. Add two heaped tablespoons of honey – taste? Is it sweet enough? simply modify to your preference. Squeeze a tiny bit of lemon for a little kick, grate some garlic followed by black pepper, onion granules and finish with a big pinch of salt or all purpose seasoning. Whisk well together and rub all over the chicken.

Pierce holes into the chicken as shown in the video as this will allow the juices and flavours from the marinade to seep in. Fill the chicken cavity with half a lemon, onion, 1 scotch bonnet, thyme and the stuffing.


4 slices of wholemeal breadcrumbs

1 Egg yolk

2 Tablespoons Margarine (40g butter)

1/2 Teaspoon Celery Salt

Black pepper


Basil & Oregano

1 Teaspoon Onion granules.

How to make Stuffing: Take 3-4 slices of wholemeal bread or your choice of bread, 1 egg, 2 tablespoons of margarine or butter, celery salt (0r normal salt) black pepper, dried oregano and basil. Combine well with hands or add to a food processor and blitz, then combine. I will suggest chopping and ripping the bread to crumbs if mixing with hands.

Chicken Filling

Half a Lemon

Sprig of Thyme

Scotch Bonnet (pierced)

Quarter of Onion


Pre-heat oven.

Sweet potatoes: Par-boil for 7-8 minutes, drain then soak in cold water for 10minutes add ice if you may as this crips the skin. I also like to sprinkle some flour for extra crispness (make sure you pat the potatoes dry with a towel to prevent sogginess) you may use this option if you’re short for time or like me simply impatient to wait 10 minutes or more for potatoes to soak in the cold water.  Place potatoes in baking tray drizzle with olive oil, add par-boiled veg and bake.

*Tips to get the skin nice and crisp in the video I rubbed (last minutes) margarine all over the skin.

Place all items in the oven potatoes on top.

It is optional to cover the chicken with foil, for this recipe I didn’t however if you do the foil can be taken off half way 35-40 mins at this point you can baste the chicken with it’s juices.

For the gravy – I used the cooked chicken juices with a pack of ready made gravy (cheating I know) however I was able to add my own flavours from the juice of the chicken.

Once your roast is done leave to rest for 10 minutes so the juices can sink in ten serve.

The serving plates I used were from Ikea (ps I’ll leave links).

And one last thing… could I ask you to share with me when you try this recipe or your own version to this with me? And of course your thoughts on the recipe!

Tweet me @keziaeniang





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Dining out at Lobsters & Burgers

By on November 4, 2014


This weekend I attended a friends birthday dinner at the Lobster and Burger in soho, just off oxford street. Despite waiting 40 minutes to be seated (as it get’s very busy), the service was good, food was prompt and the atmosphere was very lively.

We all know lobsters aren’t the most price friendly things on the menu so to have it served with fries, not to mention a delicious parmesan & green leaf salad and Butter/Garlic dressing for just £20 is pretty good!

The restaurant has a set menu of burgers, lobster roll basically lobster without the shells, and of course lobster which can be steamed or grilled (I prefer grilled as it adds a nice smokey flavour) served with Garlic and butter sauce.. Yum!



The only thing about the menu is that it doesn’t offer much vegan alternatives as most items have meat/fish, but do enquire however.  Overall I would say it’s a great place to hangout as it’s trendy fun and simple (menu wise) with a set menu and an array of drinks to compliment the food such as cocktails, wines, juices etc.. which I thought was rather cute.  You could even sneak in an extra £3/4 for dessert.

So if you want a day or evening for dinner with friends, family or even a date 😉 (Maybe not so much a date haha) but you know it’s deffo worth a try. 🙂 & if it’s your first time trying lobster then it’s definitely a good place to start.

Kezia Xx






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Jerk Ribs

By on September 9, 2014





Anyone who know’s me knows how much I love pork ribs, that and jerk seasoning! So the combination of the two is just perfect the only time consuming thing about this is the preparations which is just under 10 mins.

Total time: 1 hour

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Makes: 4 People


– Ribs x 8

– Olive oil

– Onions x 1

– Spring onions x 4

– Garlic Cloves x 3

– All Spice (Pimento) x 2 Tablespoons

– Brown Sugar x 1 Teaspoon

– Ginger

– Ketchup x 2 Tablespoons

– Salts x 2 Teaspoons

– Lime 1/2

-Orange 1/2  (squeezed/grated skin)

-Thyme 3 Sprigs


*Wash the ribs in lemon or salt water (this is optional but i like to wash my ribs).

*Add all the ingredients except the ketchup and lime into a food processor/blender, squeeze the lime until all the juice is out and blend all the ingredients together and pour onto the ribs add the ketchup rub all of the ingredients together .

* Leave to marinate overnight in the fridge if your short for time leave to marinate for half an hour to an hour to allow the flavours to sink in.


To Cook:

Pre-heat the oven to 200 degrees

Place the ribs into a tray drizzle with olive oil rub and cover with the foil and leave to cook in the oven for 30-40 mins.

Half way through turn the ribs over and when it’s done remove and place in the grill for a further 10 minutes.

Once the time is up leave to cool for a few minutes then serve.


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Simple tasty chicken in only a few steps…

By on August 22, 2014
Theres not much to say about this other than it was just delishhhh! One can never get bored of chicken especially extra tasty chicken so let’s get to it…
Time: 45 minutes
What you’ll need
Chicken Pieces: 6
Knorr Cube x 2
Ginger Powderx 1 Tsp
Chilli Powder 1 Tsp
Garlic Powder x 2 Tsp
Curry Powder x 1 Tsp
Olive oil
Rosemary x 1 Tsp
Thyme x 1 1/2 Tsp
Parsely to garnish
*Pre heat the oven to 200°C
– To start off I wash the chicken in lemon water (salt water is a good alternative) to clean the chicken       and to also peel off any extra fat.
– Once this is done rinse the chicken & drain the water and pat dry.
– Sprinkle all the seasonings onto the chicken & some olive oil and mix well together
– Cover with cling film and leave in the fridge for a few hours (best over night) for the flavour to set in.
*Chicken best marinated overnight or for a few hours
Once the hour/s is up take the chicken & place on a baking tray, leave it for a few minutes to drop to room temp then place the tray in the oven and leave to cook for 35 minutes.
There are two options to this as you can place foil over the chicken (like I did) or pop it straight into the oven without the foil (this saves time as you won’t need to grill it). I like mine moist because I’ll be placing it under the grill for a few extra minutes once the oven time is up.
35 minutes later…
Place under the grill for extra 10 minutes, turn the side after 5 minutes & once the 10 minutes is up then it’s done!
Garnish with parsley/spring onions then serve and enjoy!!! Xx


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