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A healthier Twist to Spaghetti Bolognese

By on November 10, 2014



Unlike my previous Spaghetti bolognese recipe I’ve swapped a few ingredients for an updated and slightly healthier version. I think this recipe is great as part of a healthy balanced diet.. as I can’t just live off my greens alone lol.

So for this recipe I used wholemeal organic spaghetti as a replacement for normal white spaghetti (tastes very much the same). I’ve also used the same fresh ingredients with just little tweaks here and there like less salt, oil and processed seasoning.

For the mince, rather than using my usual supermarket mince I headed to my local halal/butchers meat shop. This is great for fresh mince that has less fat, even better… price! As you can get quality meat a cheaper and more reasonable price.  If not opt for your supermarkets organic mince beef for better quality.After all it’s the little details like this that makes the difference in how healthy we can make our cooking.

Most of the ingredients I purchased for this recipe was under £10 yes I said it! It’s even enough to feed a  family or friends of 4 with maybe a little left over….

What you’ll need:

-Wok or medium sized pan/pot – (I’m using a Tefal Wok that I got for £20 at Wilko)

– Blender/Food processor (I’m using kenwood but you can get good value blenders on Amazon)

– Knife & Chopping board. (Both wilkonsons)

Key ingredients for under £10:

Tesco Chopped onions x 1 (16p) or a pack for £1

Garlic Cloves chopped x 3 (75p 1 pack, local superstore)

Handful Tesco Fresh basil leaves (70p)

Scotch bonnet x 1 (alternative Tesco mixed chilli 60p)

Organic mince meat/ Mince turkey 500g (£4 for 750g)

1 pack of Organic wholemeal Spaghetti £1

Tomato paste x 1 Tablespoon 45p

5 fresh Tomatoes (Serving of 4) 75p

Seasonings for flavour:

Jumbo Beef stock x  1 Teaspoon / Or Salt and Pepper

Schwartz Celery Salt x 1/2 Teaspoon

Dunn’s Curry Powder 1 teaspoon (optional)

Red bell pepper (optional)

Napolina Extra Virgin Olive Oil x 1 Tablespoon:)


Those are all the ingredients I use for this recipe along with places I got them from! *quick tip if you want reasonably priced and quality meat/ products on a budget have a look at your local and independent supermarket stores as they tend to have good deals and products at a cheaper price. Anyway hope you find this useful don’t for get to leave comments and thoughts on this recipe. You can also follow me on










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Something for brunch.. Piz-omelette!

By on August 21, 2014
The great thing about omelettes is that it can be as fun and creative as you want, eliminating boring and standard breakfast expectations. I decided to have fun and create a protein packed brunch with eggs mackerel fillets (can be replaced with mushrooms) tomato and fresh basil leaves.
Initially I was to use spinach leaves instead of the basil leaves and the mushrooms rather than the mackerel fillets but I just had to make do with what I had in the fridge and it came out pretty good! So I call it ‘Piz-omelette’ because of the tomatoes and basil mixture which gives it a very interesting twist and more interestingly It kind of looks like a Pizza. The only thing missing though is the cheese, but perhaps next time…
Time: 15mins / Prep Time: 8-10 mins (depending on how slow.. I was lol)
What you’ll need:
Eggs x 3
Salt x 1teaspoon
mackerel fillets x1
black pepper
onions x1
Large Tomato x1
Handful basil leaves
All purpose seasoning (optional)
Olive oil
-Slice onions, Tomatos and basil leaves
– Beat eggs in a large bowl
– sprinkle salt and pepper
– Rinse mackerel in colander (to remove oil) and add to egg mixture
– Mix all the ingredients together in the large bowl
– In a heated pan (over medium heat) add about a tablespoon of olive oil or knob of butter.
– Sprinkle the onions and add a tsp of all purpose seasoning
  leave to sweat for a minute, then pour the egg entire mixture in the pan.
– Move it about lightly until mixture has spread evenly across the pan, cook on one side for a minute or   2 make sure the fire is on medium to low heat so it doesn’t burn once the time is up turn egg over.
 Alternatively you can pop the pan under the grill (like I did)  to cook the top for a few minutes. This is a good way of stopping the omelette from falling apart as they can sometimes get a little stubborn.. make sure not to over cook it in the grill as it can get a little dry and there you have it!
Anyway once the time is up place your piz-omelette on a plate and serve!! Mine was served with a cold glass of fresh orange juice! #perfectbrunch


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Brunch: Grilled sausages with wholemeal flatbread and salad

By on June 2, 2014
Breakfast/Brunch anyone?
I’ve decided to spice up todays brunch with grilled frankfurters and salad filling wrapped up in whole meal (gluten free) flatbread. I’ve also added some sour cream and spicy ketchup (Basically ketchup mixed with Tabasco habanero sauce) to make it extra tasty (I like a lot of sauce, but you can use one of the two).
This recipe has the same flavour as a hot dog and a sausage sarnie, just a healthier version. Firstly, the bread has been replaced with gluten free wholemeal flat bread. The sausages have been grilled not fried to get rid of any extra fat, and most importantly the wrap contains salad filling with lots of nutritional greens and proteins like avocado, spinach, rocket lettuce, red onions and all the other goodies. For the full salad filling check out here.The thing I love about this recipe is that it’s quick, filling, and packed with flavour, from the crunchiness of the salad, to the Smokey flavor of the grilled frankfurters combined with the sweet/spicy ketchup sauce and Sour cream. Who says you’ve got to compromise taste for a healthy breakfast/lunch?
It’s quick, easy and simple. All you need is: Appetite 😉 haha below are the ingredients:
For a serving of 3:
o   6 Frankfurters
o  3 Whole meal flatbread (This ones gluten free, Tad bit more expensive, alternative is wholemeal flat bread)
o   Iceberg Lettuce, sliced
o   1 Tomato/Avacado, sliced (for the full salad filling check out here)
o   1 Tsp of Tabasco
o   1 Tsp of Sour Cream
o   1sp of Ketchup ( I usually mix Tabasco and ketchup for spicy ketchup lol) ( this is optional)
In a griddle pan or under an oven grill place your sausages on medium heat and leave to cook on each side for 2 minutes.  Lightly Slice the center of the sausage to cook the inside properly. 
Once the sausages are cooked, with your choice of bread, place each slice on a griddle pan for 1 minute on each side, once its nice and crispy take a teaspoon of sour cream and smother it onto the bread as the base.

Take a hand full of salad filling and place lightly onto the bread. Add your cooked sausages followed by a drizzle of  spicy ketchup sauce, wrap the bread, slice in two from the center then serve.

Pretty simple isn’t it?
Hope you like it Enjoy


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Yay Lunch! Healthy Brown Pasta salad with Tomato & Balsamic Dressing

By on March 16, 2014
 If you’re looking for a quick, healthy packed lunch then look no further with this simple recipe. I came about this after buying several versions of this at my local super market. Tired of spending money and not satisfied (portion wise) I decided to give it a go by making my own. It came out better than expected anyway I hope you like this recipe X
– Brown Pasta
– Lettuce
– Cherry Tomatoes
– Rocket leaves
– Carrots
– Sweetcorn
– Red onion
-ProsciuttoTomato & Balsamic Vinegar Dressing:
– Tomato Paste
– Basil/Oregano  (Mixed herbs)
– Balsamic Vinegar
– Black Pepper
*You want to prepare your salad/pasta beforehand, maybe the night before. Wash & slice the lettuce & rocket leaves, grate carrots, drain the sweetcorn and canned tuna and dice the red onions.
*if you don’t have time you can easily buy a fresh pack of ready made salad with all the ingredients.
-Boil the pasta for 10-15 mins (Once its done run it under cold water to bring to room temperature), drain and set aside. Add your salad, pasta, tuna & prosciutto into a large mixing bowl, pour some herb & garlic dressing & mix well together.
– Add 2 Teaspoons of oil, in a heated pan & 2/3 teaspoons of tomato paste. 
-Leave to simmer over medium/low heat and add 1 tablespoon of Balsamic vinegar. 
-Sprinkle basil, oregano or mixed herbs and mix well together and leave to cook for 10-15 mins. 
– Set aside to cool in room temperature for half an hour.
Once the sauce has cooled down, grab your salad and sauce and leave to cool in the fridge over night or for a few hours for lunch the next day.


How cute is my lunch box? I got this from Urban Outfitters not too long ago and it’s been my lunch bud ever since! but there you have it a packed healthy delicious lunch! Enjoy X


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Healthy Lunch: Lemon and Herb Chicken Salad with Avocado & Mushroom

By on February 13, 2014
I love Avocado on it’s own but I didn’t realise how much I’d like it in my salad! lol I’m always looking for ways to enjoy my salad without feeling that i’m just eating leaves! So I tried jazzying it up by marinating the chicken in lemon and herb sauce the night before, and it came out oh so delicious. It didn’t require any salt or extra flavouring just lemon, fresh herbs, Salad leaves topped with Low fat salad dressing. So if you’re looking for something tasty, healthy and filling then this recipe is for you! Anyway I hope you like it!
– Chicken breasts x2
– Diced Mushrooms
-Olive Oil
– Lemon x 1/2
– Thyme/Rosemary/Basil/Parsley (or packet of mixed herbs)
– Black Pepper
– Red Bell Pepper
– Tomatoes
-Red Onions
– Low fat salad dressing.
Start by washing your chicken in salt water, drain and pat dry. Once thats done grab a packet of mixed herbs or if your like me extra.. dice your herbs; Parsley, Thyme and basil and sprinkle over the chicken followed by some black pepper, Olive oil and a teaspoon of Shiaoxing rice wine (optional). Mix together well, cover with cling film and leave to marinate overnight. If you don’t have time or forget like I do sometimes just leave to marinate for about 15-30 minutes.. the longer the better, it just helps to get the flavour in.
Once the chicken has been marinated add to a heated gridle pan along with some diced mushrooms and cook for 10 to 15 minutes. This is a healthy way to cook your chicken as it doesn’t require a lot or any  oil. 
Grilled chicken and mushroom set aside for 10 minutes to cool down.
Wash all your veg beforehand, then start by dicing your lettuce, you only need about quarter of this for 1 person or half if it’s for more than 2 people. Grab your Avocado peel and dice into cubes and sprinkle onto lettuce.
Once thats done dice half an onion and sprinkle over the lettuce, this is great for extra flavour.
Add some rocket leaves followed by diced red bell pepper and tomatoes.
Add your grilled chicken & mushroom to the mix and sprinkle some low fat dressing of your choice. Mix well and serve!!
*Ps also great filling for a sandwhich for lunch the next day!
Enjoy!! Xx

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Healthy Lunch: Grilled beef served with Brown rice

By on January 31, 2014

I love rice and If I can incorporate it into my diet at any chance I get I will. I’m all about eating whatever I like but I do try and eat healthy time to time. There are so many healthy delicious recipes to encourage fun healthy eating. So today for late lunch/Dinner I made Grilled beef with asparagus, Green beans, tomatoes and brown Rice. I even made a tomato sauce to add to the rice. I hope you like this recipe its very simple and delicious enjoy!

– Beef
– Brown Rice
– Asparagus
– Green Beans
– Tomatoes
– Salt/Pepper
– Lime
– Mixed Herbs
– Maggie Cube (Optional)
– In a bowl add your beef, (Washed) sprinkle salt, pepper and mixed herbs. mix together and set aside for 30 mins or overnight for better flavouring.
– Wash the rice and boil for 10-15 minutes.
– In a griddle pan add your beef ( you can steam/boil your beef lightly beforehand to cook the inside. Add your beef and fry for a few minutes sprinkle a bit of lime then remove and set aside.
– Once thats done grab a hand full of asparagus and green beans and grill lightly for a few minutes sprinkle some salt and pepper for extra flavouring.
– Add your beef slice your tomatoes on top and cook for extra 5 minutes. Once its done add with your cooked rice into a bowl and servee!!
*Tomatoe sauce: Blend 3 fresh tomatoes, Onion Red and Green bell peppers,Garlic & scotch bonnet for spice . Add to a heated pan followed by teaspoon of tomatoe puree,some salt, black pepper or some (Maggie cube or all purpose seasoning) and cook for 10-15 minutes.  Once its done serve with rice!

Enjoy!! Xx

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